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Meet The Team


Co-Founder & Co-Director  

Avi has been involved in working dogs for over a decade, starting out cleaning kennels and training private protection and detection dogs. Avi served in the military special operations unit as a multipurpose K9 handler and trainer overseeing the K9 programs and development. Avi has provided high-quality obedience and working dog services to high-profile clients along with producing and training personal protection and multipurpose K9s at a high level for various individuals and departments. He specializes in puppy development, grip development, tracking, apprehension work, and environmental scenario training.


Co-Founder & Co-Director  

Ryan was introduced to dog training at a young age starting off from the bottom cleaning kennels but quickly progressed to training and rehabbing dogs with behavioral issues. After finding his way into IGP, decoying became his passion along with learning everything he could from the sport. Since Ryan has provided exceptional pet training services and has produced and supplied protection dogs to high-profile clients around the world. His specialties include puppy development, obedience, and decoying to the highest level.

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