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I recommend the Dogtra ARC1200S series of collars for people who have large / giant breeds or very stubborn / high drive breeds that they find extremely difficult to control.


That is not to say that this is purely a high power collar. It can be as mild as a Dogtra IQ but has more stimulation at its top end for higher drive or stubborn breeds.


The ARC1200S is a new generation ergonomic Dogtra collar. With a curved receiver it is more difficult to spot by those observing your dog.


Do not just buy this collar because your dog is BIG. An ARC800 may be a better choice. If in doubt ask.


  • Precise digital backlit display with 0-127 levels
  • A 1200 Meter or 3/4 Mile range for dogs that cover distance faster
  • Nick (40th Sec Pulse)
  • Constant (12 Seconds Pulsing Until No Longer Pressing The Button)
  • Page (Stimulating Vibration)
  • Rapid 2 hour charge Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Fully waterproof collar receiver and transmitter
  • Battery life indicator


Ordered on request please allow upto 7 days to recieve.


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