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  • HELPS MAINTAIN MOBILITY AND EASE OF MOVEMENT – Curcumin and high levels of Omega 3 support the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the body. 


  • SUPPORTS ACTIVE AND AGEING JOINTS - Glucosamine and Chondroitin support joint structure. MSM, Manganese and Collagen Matrix support the formation of cartilage, tendons and ligaments. 


  • SUPPORTS MUSCLE GROWTH AND RECOVERY – targeted Amino Acids aid the production of muscle tissue. Selenium, Manganese and Magnesium support resilience and replenishment. 


  • HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE WHEAT FREE FORMULATION – our lipid delivery system Oatinol means a superior uptake of nutraceuticals into the gut and supports good digestive health. No loading period needed.


  • GIVE DAILY FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS – easy to feed micropellets can be sprinkled over food or given separately. Recommended amount: 2.5g-20g per day.

GWF Nutrition Joint Aid for Dogs

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