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Puppy Days is specially crafted to support the development of young pups!


60% Free Run Turkey - Made with tasty freshly prepared free-run Turkey, blended with generous portions of healthy veggies, like sweet potato, peas & carrots.


  • Natural Ingredients - We believe in the power of natural ingredients! Our recipe is crafted with only the best quality, natural ingredients and contains absolutely no nasties & no fillers. That's a promise.


  • Nurturing Development - Specially crafted to support the development of young pups! Packed with salmon oil, it nourishes their growing brains and fuels their curiosity, helping them thrive during their exciting 'puppy days'.


  • Strong Bones & Happy Gnashers - Our recipe is packed with calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin to support their bone health and keep their gnashers strong.


  • Boosts Immunity - With added beta glucans, it's like giving their growing guts a high-five, boosting their immunity for endless puppy playtime!


  • Approved by the Best - Our natural dog food isn't just loved by pets; it's also approved by expert vets and specialist pet retailers! When it comes to quality and trust, we've got the stamp of approval from the ones who know best.


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